Samuel Wong Collection at SMGlobal Catwalk New York Fashion Week

I love runway shows for different reasons. Some designers have amazing skills in what they can create. Others have amazing uses of color or fabrics. Other shows are an stunning sensory experience, the music, lights and costumes creating a movie on the runway. But the greatest surprise for me from this year’s New York Fashion Week was my first look at the work of designer Samuel Wong. It made me cry.

I’m not even sure why. It was just so beautiful and unique and wonderful that I was emotional as I watched the models in these beautiful clothes as part of SMGlobal Catwalk’s Season 2 (held on September 10, 2016 in Midtown). When hostess Nicole Coley Cole (who’s amazing!) interviewed Wong after the show, he said that he’s been creating for over 20 years. To see such an amazing designer at the height of his abilities, and still working to get even better, is a thrill and I so hope that he’ll return next year. These photos are only a taste of the magic of this event that those who were in the room will never forget.

Thank you to the wonderful Samina Mughal for making it happen! Don’t miss SMGlobal Catwalk Season 3, coming in February 2017, and grab any chance you can to experience Samuel Wong’s collection around the country.






Model: Margosha Kr.


Model: Savannah Rae Collins.


One of my favorite models, the beautiful Dira Ve.




Model: Midori Amae.




The show’s signature piece was just stunning. Model: Justyna Olivia Ruszczyk.


This bridal piece earned a standing ovation from the crowd. Nicole Cole said that she wanted to get married just so she could wear this dress. Me too!

Model: Layne Lampley.


Thank you, Samuel Wong. See you next year!


Billie Blunt All White Yacht Party & Fashion Show

It was so much fun attending the All White Yacht Party & Swimsuit Fashion Show, held on the Harbor Lights Yacht in Manhattan on May 26, 2016. The party was celebrating the latest issue of Billie Blunt Magazine, a great high-fashion publication featuring wonderful photography of amazing designers and their work. Pick up your copy online at MagCloud here.

Here I am with CEO, fashion editor, and media entrepreneur Billie Blunt himself, holding the latest issue. Thank you, Billie, for hosting a great party!


On the yacht with cover model and actor Gio Delavicci, who is interviewed in this latest issue.


Lit up on the dance floor!


One of my new favorite models, Dira Ve, looks stunning on the runway.


Another new favorite model, Marly Lotus, rocked the runway, as the boat was rocking everyone.


IMG_1509 (1)


One of the true highlights of the evening was making new friends, photographer Elizabeth Martin and Lewis Gorden helped make the evening special and we look forward to seeing them at many future events!